About me

I’m a PhD student in Applied Mathematics at the PEIPS group (Population Evolution and Interacting Particle Systems) of CMAP (École polytechnique), under the supervision of Sylvie Méléard and Meriem El Karoui.

Our goal is to model the growth and emergence of heterogeneity in E. coli bacterial populations under antibiotic stress. Indeed, under the action of an antibiotic damaging DNA, bacteria change their growth strategy and do not respond homogeneously to the stress. In addition, the effect of the antibiotic is different depending on the speed of bacterial growth which itself depends on the richness of the growth medium. The aim of the thesis is to develop a model accounting, numerically and mathematically, for the emergence of bacterial subpopulations exhibiting different behaviors depending on genotoxic stress (i.e. DNA-targeting antibiotic) and on the nutritional richness of the environment in which they are immersed. To achieve this goal I use stochastic processes for structured population dynamics.

Overall I’m interested in the study of the dynamics of living systems from a probabilistic approach. Previous to my PhD I developed techniques to predict the probaibilty distribution and noise structure of single-electron electrical measures in DNA-based biosensors in Prof. Fujii’s lab and as member of LIMMS in the University of Tokyo.